About us

Our philosophy:

Sterling Alternative Asset Management deploys capital via long-term relationships designed to withstand the cyclicality of different markets and strategies. Our innovative structure aims to isolate alpha for our investor.

Sterling Alternative Asset Management's senior partners have a cumulative experience of over 100 years in Alternatives Investments, Hedge Funds and Futures Trading.

The firm manages capital in a highly diversified portfolio of investment strategies, directed by established hedge funds and individual portfolio managers.

The partners have access to traders, with a proven track record, who are, more often than not, trading niche markets. Those traders, because they can not accommodate huge amount of money, are neglected by big institutional investors but may provide very attractive returns precisely because the markets they trade are less efficient.

Sterling Alternative Asset Management allocates capital across a diverse set of strategies involving a variety of liquid asset classes. The primary focus of our business is on generating high-quality returns by allocating to a number of specialized trading teams, each of which pursues specific strategies in a Managed Account format that provides transparency and liquidity.

Allocation among the selected managers is dynamically managed by a proprietary "risk parity" algorithm.

We believe our approach to investment management, which does not subscribe to economic orthodoxy, can provide genuine diversification benefits.