About us

Our philosophy:

Sterling Alternative Asset Management is a successful specialist hedge fund advisory firm, dedicated exclusively to alternative investments . Sterling Alternative Asset Management focuses on the identification, evaluation, selection and monitoring of single manager Hedge Funds and Commodity Trading Advisors, as well as the creation of highly client-specific bespoke portfolios from these constituents across domiciles and structures. Sterling Alternative Asset Management advises HNWI, family offices and Institutional Investors via long-term relationships on their allocation to Hedge Funds and Commodity Trading Advisors. Our innovative structure aims to isolate alpha for investors.

Sterling Alternative Asset Management's senior partners have a cumulative experience of over 100 years in Alternatives Investments, Hedge Funds and Futures Trading.

The partners have access to traders, with a proven track record, who are, more often than not, trading niche markets. Those traders, because they can not accommodate huge amount of money, are neglected by big institutional investors but may provide very attractive returns precisely because the markets they trade are less efficient.

Sterling Alternative Asset Management performs its Due Diligence before an investment is made by a HNWI, family office or Institutional Investor but also we can perform ongoing Due Diligence to detect any drift in strategy, leverage etc.